From Paddock to Plate: A One-Of-A-Kind Australian School Program on Farming

Want to develop a healthy eating habit and teach your children to make healthy choices in terms of food? Enrol into First Paddock to Plate Schools program. It is one of a kind cross curriculum teaching course in Australia. It delivers over ten virtual excursions, teacher manuals and 100 worksheets and recipes for the secondary and the primary students.

This program was founded in the year 2008 by Louise FitzRoy, who is an educator, food writer, author, eminent journalist, public speaker, ABC radio presenter and local food ambassador. She started From Paddock to Plate food schools program to help people make healthy choices about the food they eat everyday.

It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to teach their children about the advantages of eating healthy food and how to make the right choices. There are innovative and interesting ways to give food education to young children. Here are some suggestions by which parents and schools can teach the children how to make healthy and wholesome food choices.
Role of Parents-
Parents can play a vital role to develop healthy eating habit in a young age even before the child starts going to school. Here are some tips.

Books: Children respond better to hidden messages than the direct instructions given to them. It is a good idea to show pictures in books and teach children about the food that makes them feel sick and food that makes them feel better.

Hands-on Experiment: To teach children to make right food choices, it is wise to give the wholesome food a name so that they can recognize this food easily. For instance cauliflower can be given the name Corrie; rice can be named as Richard, etc. Make the wholesome food sound interesting and explain fun facts to children such as apples float as they contain 25% air; strawberries are the only fruits with seeds outside their bodies, etc.

Role of School-  
In order to help children avoid junk food and develop a healthy eating habit the school has to take active part to help children make informed choices by the introduction of food education programs. Here are some suggestions that the school authority can introduce into their schools to teach children where does food come from and how to make right and healthy choice.

School Curriculum: The school authority can take an initiative and suggest the teachers to develop a curriculum to give an idea to the students about processed and whole food and the advantages of choosing wholesome food over processed or junk food.  Food Writers Australia

Project Work: Based on the food education programs children can participate in garden projects, so that they can have access to hands-on “real life” farming experience.

“From Paddock to Plate” is a school program that includes videos to teach children about farming and make them aware of the benefits of healthy eating and is known to one of the most reputed school program in Australia.


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