The Benefits of the FP2P School Program

The From Paddock to Plate (FP2P) Schools Program teaches children real life farming experience in the classroom by using accessible, unique, and cost effective and trouble free virtual excursions.

What the FP2P School Program Includes?
About 10 “virtual excursions” and more to be filmed.
About 4 DIY projects and videos for the garden.
150 or more teacher manuals containing the 21st Century principles of learning.
100 or more of the comprehension worksheets.
50 or more of the delicious and nutritious recipes are found in the Louise’s book, “From Paddock to Plate.”

The Core Value of From Paddock to Plate (FP2P) School Program:
This program is to drive change and make a difference in passion and integrity. This food schools program acknowledges the necessity for an accreditation scheme to recognize, promote as well as augment the viability and profit of authentic producers. All students should have a good idea about food and farming no matter what subjects they elect. They should have profound knowledge about where does food come from and to instil in them the gratitude towards the Australian farmers that they have access to fresh produce every day. They should know how hard the Australian farmers work round the clock to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the market for consumption.

Aim of the FP2P School Program:
It aims to build up a sense of community and social aspect at all the farmer’s markets by encouraging the students to take profound interest in the items they are buying and to encourage them to ask more questions about the origin of food. Influenced by the concept of farming, the students can even take up the profession of food writers Australia later.

The main objectives of the FP2P Schools Program are to:
Augment knowledge and awareness of where our food comes from.
Encourage eating of healthy food.
Improve well being and mental health.
Decrease food miles and food waste.
Offer sense of community and social benefits.
Stimulate the creative thinking in a wide variety of subjects.
Remove the misconceptions that the food education is for the Agriculture classes and Food Technology.
Attract and retains youth in agriculture sector.
Provide more career inspiration and agriculture education.
Offer great support for the Australian farmers.

The FP2P Schools Program can be used in the following subjects:
Food Technology
Home Economics
Design & Technologies

The food schools program FP2P or From Paddock to Plate program  FP2P is a one-stop solution to learn all about  the food and the farming in a host of different industries, using various resources, on various topics and  covering the whole of Australian Curriculum from 5 to 10 years in nine subjects. These online programs bring the real life farming experiences into the classroom to teach children the essentials of farming and food and give them an idea about where does food come from, so that the children can appreciate the hard work put in by farmers who bring them healthy and fresh produce for consumption. Moreover such programs can even inspire students to take up the profession of food writers Australia, later in their lives.


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