What is the Importance of Food Education in Schools?

Many schools from Australia have been teaching the food education to their students, they have joined some programs to teach them the tips of farming, the agricultural benefits and convey them the importance of food. The inclusive teachers of the education department taking a positive step ahead to save the food resources in Australia by giving the live demos in the school. These schools have included the following food schools program:

They Give live demo of farming techniques more than 10 virtual excursion
They have included live practices in the garden as a project to DIY videos at least more than 4 videos have to submit under the project work
More than 150 Teacher also learning manual food principals of the 21st century
More than 100 Work Sheets
The students have been taught new natural recipes
The students have also been taught that what kind of food have to eat and how to save the food for the world.

Objectives of Agricultural Education:
They are trying to educate the students that from where does the food from.
The students are also encouraged for healthy and natural foods to grow.
By giving food education, the students being told that how food can help to improve the mental and physical health
Respect food, safe food for the world
Providing social benefits and sense of farm communities
Stimulating creative thoughts in a variety of subjects
Making clear the misconception that food education relates to the farming profession, basically it is a Food technology and Agriculture Science.
Students have also been inspired for new farming and profession concepts.
Australian farms have also been supported by the community

Moreover, the main objective behind the Food education in schools is to aware the students that from where does the food comes from in the malls and how it does prepared in the boxes. Is that good for health or not? Students have to learn the importance of the natural food and this would be possible due to the proper education system in the schools. In this way, students also get to know that which food is right for their health and which is not. Before buying ready to eat food, they have to check the ingredients and spices which have been used in the food.


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