Learn More About Local Food Specialties Through Food Schools Program

If you want to teach your young leaders about the importance of local food and fiber, then there are various educational resource brands in Australia that can help you in this task. These brands offer an array of programs that provide students a firsthand insight into a variety of commercial farming enterprises in Australia through accessible, affordable, hassle-free, and unique virtual excursions. It can be a great experience for children to know about distinct truffles, production of organic honey, and other local food with the help of programs. Through these programs the children are offered a chance to come with a close contact of nature and learn more about local food. They are able to learn everything about food such as where does food come from and how it is nurtured by farmers. These programs are an outstanding way to educate children about the value of food that is locally grown and sustained.

The programs can be integrated into nine subjects for a time span of 5 to 10 years that covers key Australia Curriculum criteria, while educating students regarding vital life knowledge about the production of food and fiber. The comprehensive teacher manuals teaches more than the basics of agriculture. It is beyond the single subject of agriculture, as it is more likely to be food education. There are various advantages of these programs that include-

1. create awareness about the origin and development of food.
2. encourage healthy eating habits among students.
3. decrease the wastage of food and food miles.
4. trigger creative ideas in an array of subjects.
5. enhance the level of mental health.
6. develop a sense of community and offer other social benefits.
7. create career opportunities by inspiring students.
8. eliminate the thought that the education of food is only for Agriculture and Food Technology classes.
9. provide support to Australian farmers.

According to a number of studies, allowing children to being in the close setting of nature can stimulate their creative power and also reduce the level of stress, while improving recuperation. There are several teacher who have subscribed these programs rather than just having agriculture as a different subject, and various schools include primary industries into their entire curriculum.

There are various factors that should be kept in mind, while opting for these food school programs. You should understand all the aspects of the programs, so that you can make an informed decision. You must compare different food education programs, as this can help you in selecting the best one. You should visit the website of the finalized program provider to have a better idea regarding their programs.

From Paddock to Plate was founded in 2008 by Louise FitzRoy, who is an ABC radio presenter, food writer, educator, local food and sustainability ambassador, and Walkley Award-winning journalist. This education resource brand was started with the single agenda of helping people to understand about how and where does food come from. Their program includes 4 DIY videos and interesting projects for the garden, 150 teacher manuals, 10 virtual excursions, more than 100 worksheets, and delicious & healthy recipes from Louise’s book. For more details, you can visit  http://www.frompaddocktoplate.com.au/